Rhino Walking Safaris

Countless visitors to the Kruger National Park frequent the Seolo Plains Camp, featuring a cluster of stylish en-suite tents nestled in the shade of towering Knobthorn trees. Plains Camp is one of only a handful of Kruger Park accommodation venues that offers an authentic African wilderness experience like no other – the famous Rhino Walking Safaris! Take to the surrounding bushveld on foot, accompanied by armed Plains Camp safari guides, and witness wild African fauna and flora up close and in their natural habitats. If you’re into eco-tourism and would prefer not to safari in a vehicle, add Plains Camp to your list of Kruger Park safari camps to visit…


This camp is named after the Timbitene Plain that stretches out in front of Plains Camp. Featuring 4 large open-plan tents, Plains Camp offers a luxury African wilderness experience, blending eco-conscious accommodation practices with all the amenities and features you’d expect from a premier safari lodge. There is no permanent electrical grid, but power is supplied 24/7 by a generator and back-up battery system.

You can expect the below features in each comfortably furnished Plains Camp suite:

rhino walking safaris amenities


The most popular activity at Plains Camp, hands down, is the unique Rhino Walking Safari. Explore the surrounding Kruger National Park on foot and get a real feel for life deep in the lush African wilderness. We treat the area with the highest level of respect, and our armed Plains Camp guides are highly knowledgeable when it comes to the fauna and flora you’ll encounter on safari.

Below are a few other exciting activities you can enjoy while visiting the Plains Camp:

rhino walking safaris activities

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Put the Seolo Plains Camp on your list of places to visit while exploring the Kruger National Park – you won’t be disappointed! Support African safari accommodation that takes eco-consciousness as seriously as you do. Contact Seolo Plains Camp today and book your African dream vacation – we look forward to seeing you on a Rhino Walking Safari soon!