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Last time I told you about hairy experiences that I like to call 'Hairy Scary's'. Let me tell you about another 'hairy scary' evening during my guiding days. The good ol’ days, my skinny days,...

I'm sure you are all dying to hear about (me almost dying from) a close encounter with an animal! I have actually had a couple of those living in the Kruger Park, especially when I...

Last night we had one of our very unique visitors to our garden. A massive male porcupine (well I assume he was a male…I wasn’t going to double-check). He is one of The Secret Seven...

For those of you that don't know me yet, let me introduce myself. I am Marli, the General Manager of Rhino Post Safari Lodge and Plains Camp @ Rhino Walking Safaris, the best-kept secrets of...

Stories of living in the beautiful Kruger National Park. Many people have asked and I am sure as many people, if not more, are curious. How's lockdown life in the Kruger Park? I can only really speak...