Clean Sweep

In the 11 years since Thandi Sibuyi has been cleaning the beautiful suites at Rhino Post Safari Lodge, she has never received a single complaint about the cleanliness of the rooms. And she plans to hold this record while motivating other young cleaners to do the same. From the local village next to the Kruger National Park called Justicia, Thandi explains how in the early days her eyes were opened by the professional training that she was given in cleaning. “I even improved the way I clean my own house” she smiles. Her positive attitude and dedicated efforts meant that Thandi was noticed at a young age, growing in stature from a Room Attendant to now being the Housekeeper Supervisor, managing all the housekeeping at Rhino Post Safari Lodge. She progressed in her training to getting a Driver’s License and Computer Literacy Training so that she could become the manager she is today.

Thandi Sibuyi is proud to have never received a single cleaning complaint at Rhino Post Safari Lodge, and plans to hold this record

I sense something deeper behind this lady’s positive attitude and I find a polite way of asking about what keeps her motivated. She explains “If you don’t try your best every day at work, you stop enjoying coming to work. I feel like I can work here until the day I retire. I am very happy here.” As she says this it is like a little light of awareness is lit within me. Each time I meet one of the Isibindi Africa staff I feel like I am collecting pearls of wisdom and hope, while growing in my own appreciation of life in all its opportunity and beauty. I am well pleased to notch this up as another lesson to ponder for myself in relation to my own work and approach to my future.