Sounds of Summer

Sofia Pederson says that to her the sound of the Woodland Kingfisher is the perfect sound of summer in Africa. Heralding from Denmark, Sofia declares that after falling in love with the African bush, she could never live in a city again. Especially grateful to be working at Rhino Post Safari Lodge, Sofia has seen all of the Big 5 game right here at the watering hole in front of the lodge. She explains that in the feedback that the lodge receives from the guests, the big game that they see from the lodge at the waterhole usually rates highest.

“I’m OK! I’m OK everybody!” We had a tense moment when this little guy fell into the waterhole in front of the lodge. It took a while for his mother to pull him out.

Sofia describes how one morning she encountered an elephant at the lodge swimming pool. Another day she saw some hyena kill an antelope just in front of the lodge. After a while the hyena moved off and there were only some vultures left, so the lodge staff deemed it safe to move the carcass a bit further away from the lodge, but as they did this they were charged by a lioness who wanted to protect the carcass. It was a scary moment combined with great excitement and seems part of the incredible life that is lived at Rhino Post Safari Lodge.

One of Sofia’s favourite sightings was a view of the rare pangolin, an almost extinct ant eater that was recently seen on a night drive from the lodge. She says while these rare sightings are a great thrill, she will never tire of seeing leopard and rhino, and hearing the call of the Fish Eagle at sunset.

The rare pangolin spotted on a night drive from Rhino Post Safari Lodge by guide Joey Vermeulen

Sofia is one of the first faces that you see when coming back from a game drive, and she always asks enthusiastically what has been seen on the outings. One gets the sense that, having been newly introduced to bushveld life in Africa, she understands how incredible each day is at this pristine natural haven, and she is thrilled when others share her love of this beautiful corner of the planet.