Tourism Update: Sleepouts are an ‘Attraction for Millennials’

Thanks to the team at Tourism Update for including our Sleepouts adventure as part of their ‘Attractions for Millennials’ feature.

They said that, “millennials see travel as a vital component of their personal growth and life experience,” and that, “the Sleepout decks in the Kruger National Park provide the ultimate bush experience.”

Our Sleepout offering is booked on a first come, first served basis, and is an activity we offer usually as part of the walking trail experience from Plains Camp (home of Rhino Walking Safaris) or occasionally (by prior arrangement, and by vehicle, not walking) from Rhino Post.

Guests sleep on individual sleeping decks, connected by ladders and walkways to each other, the bathrooms and the main deck. Dinner is cooked over the open fire and the decks overlook the Xiteveteve waterhole.