Rhino Walking Safaris Wins SANParks KUDU Award

Author: Mike Cadman Seolo Africa is extremely proud to announce that South African National Parks (SANParks) has awarded our very own Rhino Walking Safaris (RWS) the prestigious 2018 Business Partner Kudu Award. The award recognises a combination of the best year-on-year business growth of all public and private partners (PPP) and their relative financial contribution […]

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The Schalow’s Turaco

Author: Mike Cadman Those fortunate enough to have visited Chundu Island would most likely have seen the spectacular Schalow’s Turaco. Perched up in the tree canopy it shows off a mix of a green upperparts, a dark blue/purple tail, and  bright patch of red skin fringed with white around the eyes, all complemented by a […]

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Seolo Africa Wildlife: Giraffes

Author: Mike Cadman Everyone recognizes giraffes. They are plentiful in many southern African protected areas and impossible to misidentify and, as a result, many people treat them with a casual familiarity. “Oh, a giraffe” is a common response when they are spotted on a game drive. “Lovely eyelashes.” And there the conversation often ends. But […]

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