A common sight near the shoreline of healthy water bodies in southern Africa is that of a black and white kingfisher energetically hovering about five metres above the surface before plunging head-first into the water and emerging with a fish in its bill. The bird, a Pied kingfisher in this case, then heads for a […]

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Shout “pangolin” (relatively quietly) to the guide driving a game-viewing vehicle in Southern Africa and he or she will stop faster than if you had you said “pink elephant”.  Pangolins, sometimes known as Scaly anteaters, are considered, even by those with years of bush experience, such unusual sightings that their presence always generates excitement and […]

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Leopards and their prey

In August Seolo Africa regional manager Gerrit Meyer filmed a fascinating interaction between a leopard and a porcupine on a road close to our Rhino Post Safari Lodge in the Kruger National Park (KNP). The young leopard was trying to figure out how to eat the equally juvenile porcupine which, in turn, was just as […]

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