A tower of Giraffe

A tower of Giraffe

We have had so many amazing sightings and experiences at Rhino Post and Plains Camp @ Rhino Walking Safaris – too many to mention but amongst all the big cat sightings, elephant encounters and Rhino views, one that was very special and quite unforgettable – almost for its simplicity – occurred in January this year when we were on a walking safari from Plains Camp @ Rhino Walking Safaris with Warren and Albino.

As we were walking we came across a group of 4 or 5 giraffes (a “tower” of giraffes??). They were only about 100 yards ahead of us. We stopped and Warren explained that because of their height – and the extra visibility that this gives them – giraffe will often move closer to a potential threat (such as us !!) to get a better view. So we stood still and sure enough, the giraffes slowly moved closer giving us the most amazing views of these magical creatures and an opportunity to appreciate their grace and majesty but also, and most obviously, from ground level, their height !! Then after about 5 minutes, the giraffe decided they had seen enough and they all galloped away.

Now it was THIS moment which was truly unforgettable because the sound and the ground vibration that the giraffe made when they moved was like a combination of an earthquake and a cattle stampede all rolled into one. It went straight through me and at that very instant I believed that I had heard and felt Africa’s very heartbeat.

Quite an awe-inspiring encounter and one for which I will be eternally grateful.

Tim Boughen


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