Safari Siblings

Shared beliefs and shared passions

Our Safari Siblings are people we trust, not only with our guests, but with the future of conservation and sustainable tourism. We have carefully selected like-minded properties and owners that share our ethos and believe they and their properties offer compatible, quality, authentic experiences in areas that complement the journeys that we design.

These are industry friends, owners of smaller businesses who are actively involved in the management of their properties. People who have a personal interest in ensuring that their reputation is protected and that the service they offer is not only professional, but genuinely caring and personalised. To all of us our guests are not statistics, they are friends we haven’t met yet, and in many cases friends who are drawn to return to a place and people that made them feel cherished.

Together we have teamed up to create a wider variety of itineraries for those who want to maximise their travel and see and do more, while still having peace of mind that their travels are ethical and sustainable. Our trusted partners, like us, tread lightly on the earth and care more than most.

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