Pool with a view

Each moment of each day at Plains Tented Camp is a marvel. Here I lie in a swimming pool overlooking the Timbitene Plains. It is a hot, dry day and the pool water is wonderfully cool. A zeal of zebra approach, and we sink low in the water such that all they might see are […]

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Twere a rough night

In the words of MacBeth, “ ‘Twere a rough night”. At first I fell immediately to sleep after the exhilaration of the game drive and satisfying dinner. The bed here at Plains Tented Camp is so comfortable – the perfect softness, with white cotton linen and the cozy sense of being under canvas under African […]

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CSI Kruger

This informative blog on what to expect on a Rhino Walking Safari was recently published on Africa Geographic: See We had a lot of anticipatory anxiety about our Rhino Walking Safari. Every day for several weeks we asked each other a new question, like “When they say Rhino Walking, do you think they actually […]

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