The lesser spotted Rhino

The lesser spotted Rhino

The last night of our honeymoon was spent at the sleep-out at Rhino Walking Safaris.

We spend the last night in the wonderful sleep-out, after a bush braai in the treehouse, and it was time to go reach our rental car and go back home.

I was in a gloomy mood, but full of good memories. It seemed that the bush wanted us to stay: the camp’s car’s battery was out of order. Our incredible ranger fixed it with a little bit of water. Finally, we could leave the camp.

During the journey, the guide was spotting animals. Suddenly he stopped the car and look far away. As it was not a game drive, he hadn’t got his binoculars. He wasn’t sure of what were those little spots over there. My husband took a picture with his telephoto lens, and showed it to the guide. A large smile popped in his face: “black rhinos!!!”

He turned the car off and took in the moment. We quietly stayed there for a while, observing this marvellous family: dad, mom, kid and baby black rhinos, peacefully resting.

It was few years ago, and I keep this out-of-time moment warm in my mind.

Diane de Montgolfier


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