About Seolo Africa

Get to know us, we are sure you'll like us

Meaning ‘termite mound’ in Setswana, Seolo embodies the ethos of industriousness and community. Supported by our amazing team we are committed to creating authentic African adventures for all our clients, and dream of giving our clients an experience they won’t soon forget. Seolo Africa is more than just a circuit of lodges and camps scattered between South Africa and Zimbabwe. We don’t just promise comfortable crisp accommodation, outstanding service and an authentic bush experience. We are committed to ethical and sustainable tourism and to leaving only our footprints on the soil of Africa. So please, journey with us.

Caring for our Africa

Our lodges are not fenced and game drives are geared toward seeing everything that nature has to offer. Our ethos is to engage with nature and wildlife in respectful ways – we do not drive off-road, thereby minimising damage to plants, birds, small animals and insects, as well as not contributing to erosion. Most importantly we endeavour to show our guests great animal sightings without chasing or stressing the creatures that we so admire.

We’re making a difference

We use environmentally-friendly cleaning products at all our lodges and work closely with communities in skills development, upliftment and business development. We are conservationists at heart, and are actively involved in community projects and helping to facilitate ways for us to give back. We believe that this incredible environment needs to be supported and appreciated by as many people as possible in order to keep supporting forthcoming generations of humanity.

We do it for you

Most importantly, we have made it our mission to provide top experiences at reasonable rates, whilst competing with some of Africa’s best known lodge brands. Our mission is driven by our desire to make these experiences accessible to everyone. We want our guests to have the chance to experience the things that bring Africa to life for us, without going broke. The fact that we have superb chefs who delight in tantalising tastebuds and that we provide excellent quality linen on comfy beds is just the icing on the cake.

Our lodges are designed and built to bring the outside in, with plenty of open space as well as the opportunity to experience nature’s sights and sounds from wherever you are – day or night – even from the comfort of your bed.

“A thing of beauty not shared, is valueless. Sharing these special places with guests gives our lives pleasure and meaning” Nikki Meyer

Rhino Post Safari Lodge, Plains Camp @ Rhino Walking Safaris and our close to nature Sleepout Decks were established in the Kruger National Park in 2003. We were considered something of a Cinderella at the time but grew from strength to strength, and in 2016 our dream became reality when we developed our own brand, Seolo Africa, which continues to delight the imaginations of travelers worldwide.

Always Kruger, always home

Now, many years later, Rhino Post Safari Lodge and Plains Camp @ Rhino Walking Safaris run at an extremely high occupancy, beating most (and often all) of the private concessions in the Kruger National Park.

We are very proud of the fact that we have achieved success without compromising our values, and that we are known for authentic, affordable and amazing bush experiences.

A river dream

On the back of our Kruger Park success, the directors decided to expand and identified a niche market in Zimbabwe. Chundu Island opened in November 2017 on the banks of the Zambezi River and is a complementary destination to our Kruger Park lodges. Chundu Island meets the needs of the enthusiastic eco-traveller by providing authentic, ethical and responsible experiences as an add-on destination to make the trip out to Vic Falls worthwhile (Chundu is only 21km from Vic Falls). Guests can look forward to enjoying not only the incredible sights but to experiencing island-style living, water activities as well as game drives and walks. Once again, we have kept it real, wonderful and affordable.

Masuwe Lodge, our preferred partner in Victoria Falls offers the best of both bush and adventure and we have partnered with them to ensure that our guests are able to enjoy an all-round safari experience.

In line with Seolo’s eco-ethics, our lodges are constructed in an environmentally friendly manner, utilising natural materials, or materials with a low carbon footprint and minimising the use of concrete. We care deeply about the environment and for this reason we apply numerous methods to ensure minimum impact, and maximum return for conservation. We are deeply proud to put the following methods into practice:

  • Power Reduction – we use solar power where possible, and where not, we generate our own power and switch generators off overnight to reduce emissions.
  • Water Conservation – we pump borehole or use river water at our lodges. This water usage is strictly monitored and kept to below 350 litres per guest per day, including common area water and any waterholes. Greywater is filtered and tested for quality before being released back into the environment.
  • Recycling  – all waste is sorted and glass, metal and paper are recycled.
  • Wilderness Care – extreme care is practised at all times by guides both on game drives or on walks. Animals are not harassed for photo opportunities. All driving takes place on existing roads and gravel roads. No “bundu-bashing” or off-road driving takes place.
  • Rhino Anti-Poaching Support – with the onslaught of rhino poaching within South Africa, Seolo Africa supports many initiatives with raising funds for anti-poaching training and equipment as well as raising awareness globally of this terrible situation. Most significantly, support is given to the Honorary Rangers for their fight against the poaching of these majestic animals.