Because we Care

Safeguarding our planet for generations to come

We aim to lead the charge in transforming the world into a trusted hub for sustainable travel. Our commitment lies in enriching the experiences of our guests while ensuring the safety and fairness of our employees’ working conditions. Through our dedication to environmental preservation, we uphold best practices, safeguarding our planet for generations to come. Additionally, we prioritise the preservation of local cultures and foster education and entrepreneurship within the communities we touch.

What was once sustainable may not be sustainable now or in the future. Both our environment and social fabric are at great risk with the ever-increasing population and ‘instant gratification’ nature of humanity. We will continuously evaluate and adapt our systems to ensure a greener, fairer and more inclusive culture not only in our business but also in neighbouring communities and amongst our stakeholders.

Power reduction & water conservation

We use solar power where possible, and where not, we generate our own power and switch generators off overnight to reduce emissions. we pump borehole or use river water at our lodges. This water usage is strictly monitored and kept to below 350 litres per guest per day, including common area water and any waterholes. Greywater is filtered and tested for quality before being released back into the environment.

Rhino Anti-Poaching Support

At Seolo Africa, we recognise the urgent need to combat rhino poaching, a grave threat to South Africa’s wildlife heritage. Through our unwavering commitment to conservation, we actively engage in various initiatives aimed at raising funds for anti-poaching efforts. These initiatives not only provide essential training and equipment to those on the front lines but also play a crucial role in raising global awareness about the severity of this issue.

One of the primary beneficiaries of our support is the Honorary Rangers, a dedicated group of individuals who work tirelessly to protect and conserve South Africa’s natural resources. By partnering with them, we bolster their vital efforts in safeguarding rhinos and other endangered species from the devastating impacts of poaching.

Wilderness care

At Seolo Africa, the well-being of wildlife and the preservation of their natural habitats are paramount in every aspect of our operations. Our guides undergo rigorous training to ensure they adhere to the highest standards of ethical conduct and environmental stewardship during game drives and guided walks. Throughout excursions, our guides prioritise the safety and comfort of both guests and wildlife. They exercise caution to avoid disrupting natural behaviours and never engage in activities that could harass animals solely for the sake of photo opportunities. Instead, they encourage guests to appreciate wildlife from a respectful distance, allowing for authentic and unobtrusive encounters with Africa’s magnificent fauna.

Waste Management

We take great pride in our strides towards waste management, recognising its pivotal role in environmental sustainability. Our dedication to this cause has instilled in us a firm belief that achieving a “zero waste to landfill” goal across all our properties is not only feasible but also essential, and we eagerly embrace the challenge ahead. To achieve this ambitious objective, we have implemented a variety of innovative methods and solutions.

We purchase room amenities in bulk and decant to pump dispensers

Paper packaging materials e.g. cardboard boxes, egg cartons, toilet roll inners etc. are donated to creches for art and craft activities

We re-use as many items/materials as possible, or find other people or organisations that can use them again

All solid waste is separated according to recyclable and pig feed materials - all food ‘waste’ is donated to a local pig farmer - and all recyclables (and other waste) are sent to the appropriate facility

All harmful materials are separated from other solid waste and disposed of safely, including e-waste, batteries, and globes (lightbulbs)

All scrap metal is sold and A4 paper is re-used, with both sides printed on

Cooldrink tins are donated to community members who hand them in to recyclers as a form of income and all plastic packaging material e.g. 5/20 litre tubs/buckets are re-used or donated to creches or primary schools as storage containers

We ensure sound management of our liquid waste; this includes the cleaning of grey water via a natural reedbed system. This water is tested at a laboratory every two months to ensure that it is fit to be released into the ground

In order to reduce the treatment required of our wastewater, and to minimize the risk of environmental contamination, all chemicals are environmentally friendly

In tandem with our team’s collective efforts to minimise our environmental impact, Seolo Africa is committed to actively contributing to the conservation of nature and biodiversity. We recognise the interconnectedness of ecosystems and the importance of preserving them for the well-being of both wildlife and humanity.