Creseldah Education Foundation

Creseldah Ndlovu is no stranger to hardship. She was born to a single parent family in a small rural village and at the age of 16 took on the role of parent to her siblings as her mother’s work only made it possible for her to come home every 3 months. We have been humbled by her work and are honoured to be able to assist her in her endeavours. We have been supporting her projects for many years now and will continue to do so. She not only makes us very proud but has a huge impact on the lives of so many vulnerable youth in the villages surrounding the Kruger Park.

The ‘Mother Theresa of Bushbuckridge’

This selfless lady, fondly known as the ‘Mother Theresa of Bushbuckridge’ was able with the help of mentors to qualify as a social worker. She didn’t stop there though, below are some of her achievements:

Notable achievements

Instrumental in opening the Yesu iHosi! orphanage in Croquet Lawn, which has now been caring for more than 500 vulnerable children every year for 15 years.

Launched the Creseldah Education Foundation (CEF focused on alleviating poverty through education. The foundation provides educational and career development in multiple schools around Mpumalanga through extras lessons, motivational talks, career expos, assistance with university applications and registration, and fundraising to help young people stay in school.

In 2017 she launched the ‘Girls Academy’ to provide dignity, education and opportunities to teen mothers while at the same time advocating against teen pregnancy.

In 2019, in order to tackle the problem of young women not attending school during their menstrual cycles due to the cost of sanitary towels, she launched CefPads – sewing re-usable ‘period panties’ which are donated to resolve this issue. True to form, one thing led to another, and through the sewing of CefPads, she has now also started sewing training for both adults and teens.

Recent nominations and awards include

  • 2023 Country Representative for the Every Girl Wins Institute
  • 2022 nomination for The Women Changing The World Awards
  • 2022 Top 3 finalist, Social Enterprise of the Year by Inaugural National Presidential SMME Awards
  • 2022 Recognition Conservation Hero Award by More Community Foundation

While Creseldah doesn’t turn people away based on age or gender, her main focus is on child-headed households, where support is critical.