World Female Ranger Day

World Female Ranger Day

Today we celebrate the inaugural World Female Ranger Day, which recognises female anti-poaching rangers throughout Africa. Today we celebrate our very own Sorta Mulhovo along with the incredible women who have dedicated their careers to conserving Africa’s wildlife.

Sorta started working at Rhino Walking Safaris in 2004 and has now been a part of our family for 17 years. Most of our guests will know or remember Sorta as she has the most welcoming smile, is exceptionally friendly and is so well spoken.

Sorta began her journey with us as a waitress until she was promoted to head waitress. As much as she loves being so much a part of the lodge and enthralling our guests with the wonders that come out of the kitchen; her dream is to become a field guide and follow in the footsteps of her dad and both of her older brothers.

Sorta’s father is rather well known in the Kruger National Park and has been featured in many articles. Fernando Mulhovo is now retired but worked in the park for 44 years. He started his conservation journey at the age of 16 and worked his way up the ranks from a mapoisa (anti-poaching ranger) to a back-up trails guide. One of Sorta’s fondest memories is the story her dad shared with her about an experience he had while on a walking safari. Fernando was the back-up trails guide on this walk with the guests and lead trails guide ahead of them. They were surprised by buffalo and Fernando took control of the situation where he played the role of “the distraction” while the lead guide got all of the guests to safety. Fernando ran and lead the buffalo away from the hiding place of the others and made his way towards a termite mound where he knew there was a warthog burrow. He was chased the whole way there and as he reached the burrow and began to climb in he felt a nudge and realised that the burrow was already occupied! With a warthog behind him and a buffalo ready to attack Fernando ran around the termite mound with the warthog and buffalo hot on his heels and made it back to the burrow first! With the Buffalo and Warthog ambling around outside he took his first deep breath as he knew he and his guests were now safe.

This is one of the stories that inspired Sorta to follow her dream and be a bigger part of wildlife conservation. With the help of Rhino Walking Safaris and Rhino Post Safari Lodge Sorta has been able to complete her First Aid course, a snake wrangling course and her FAGASA Level 1 field guide course. The guides at Rhino Post Safaris have taken her under their wing and take her out on drives where she can learn from them. Our guests quite enjoy having Sorta on the vehicle while she is learning as she is able to share her passion and knowledge with them too.

We are exceptionally excited and look forward to the day that we can officially introduce Sorta as a guide at Rhino Post Safari Lodge and we are sure that she will reach her goal as she loves wildlife and being with guests sharing her passion for the bush.

Happy World Female Ranger Day to all of the incredible rangers throughout our beautiful country and Africa as whole.

Marli Müller

Marli is the General manager of Rhino Post Safari Lodge and Plains Camp @ Rhino Walking Safaris. Her can-do attitude is what makes her so popular with guests and staff alike. She's always thinking out of the box and making the impossible possible. Her naughty sense of humour and big laugh are trademarks that ensure that nobody ever forgets her.