What is a KAZA UniVisa, and Do I Need One?

Currently, tourists visiting Southern Africa must apply for separate visas for each country, each with its own visa regime. For some, this acts a deterrent for multi-country travel in the region. It is for this reason that the development of a common visa, deemed a UNIVISA, was endorsed by SADC Heads of State in 1998. […]


Building a Beach Safari Lodge on the Zambezi River

Nine months into the construction and with opening day on 1 November 2017, Chundu Island’s design and build team have shared their experience of putting together our Zambezi River lodge on an island 21km upstream from Vic Falls, which has come together beautifully. The overall design intention for Chundu Island Lodge is to create a ‘barefoot luxury’ […]

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Tourism Update: Sleepouts are an ‘Attraction for Millennials’

Thanks to the team at Tourism Update for including our Sleepouts adventure as part of their ‘Attractions for Millennials’ feature. They said that, “millennials see travel as a vital component of their personal growth and life experience,” and that, “the Sleepout decks in the Kruger National Park provide the ultimate bush experience.” Our Sleepout offering […]

Who is Seolo Africa?

There’s a buzz afoot about Seolo Africa, a new name to the Southern African tourism scene, and the soon to open Victoria Falls island property. Everybody wants to know, who are they? …and from where did they suddenly appear? Do they have any kind of a track record and even more importantly, what are their […]

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